Our Story

Our Story

Prosper and the surrounding communities are Prospering! We saw the potential and believed this area would be the perfect location for our dynamic workspace. A place where seasoned professionals, entrepreneurs and creatives could thrive and do more!

From planning to production of our facility, we focused on creating a place that nurtures what we call “spark”. We believe Fuse is the right Workspace to give your business a Spark to do more. We strive to elevate the working experience for our members by providing a dynamic working environment that is focused on hospitality. In fact, our founders have spent the past 17 years in the hospitality business working with world-class brands like Hilton and Marriott. Our Fuse Members deserve the same elite service and we are committed to serving them well.

FUSE is the culmination of our efforts. What started as a simple blueprint is now headquarters for a growing number of like-minded professionals, entrepreneurs and creative individuals. Everyday we take care of the details so our members can focus on taking their careers and business to the next level.



It is more than a motto. It is our passion. FUSE exists to help people do more to business, more in the community, and more in the world.

Doing More at FUSE means our members have access to first-class office suites, conference space, cowering areas, and the FUSE Café, all with our contemporary (some would say funky) vibe, making work collaborative and fun. Enterprise-level internet speeds, on-site business services, and an eager-to-serve concierge staff increases your business' efficiency. FUSE on-site seminars and speakers events sharpen your business saw, and our daytime and after-hours social events builds great community. Our passion at FUSE is to help your business Do More than it could anywhere else.

Doing More in the community and the work is our passion. We believe that businesses and business people can be world-changers. Not just through providing their products and services, but also through their time as volunteers and their resources put to use where human and environmental needs are great. FUSE provides connecting opportunities both locally and globally to help businesses Do More four our world.

How can we best suit your needs?